MTNA Competitions: For Entrants, Parents & Teachers

We are happy to welcome you as a participant in the Pennsylvania state level of the MTNA Competitions (click here for directions, parking, campus map and hotel information). To make your competition process as smooth as possible, please review the following guidelines and procedures. All information is listed with your competition entrant number that you have received via email. If you have any other questions, please contact the appropriate competition official.

  • Sign in at the registration desk and have music checked. Besides music for you and your accompanist (if applicable), bring one (1) score of each piece you are performing for the judges (mark measure numbers).
  • An adult over the age of eighteen (18) will be required to sign a Music Release Form for the use of any reproduced music.
  • Practice facilities at the competition site will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Be outside the competition room ten (10) minutes before your scheduled performance time.
  • All entrants should be present for the announcement of the results of the competition.
  • Within one (1) week following the state competition, non-piano winners must submit an online Accompanist Information Form on the MTNA website. Winner must enter name of accompanist or pay the official accompanist fee.
  • MTNA recommends that students under the age of eighteen (18) be accompanied by an adult at all levels of the competition. MTNA will exercise all reasonable caution to provide a safe environment for all entrants but cannot guarantee the safety of all entrants.
  • Teachers, coaches, entrants, parents and guardians should not interact in any way with judges before or during the competition at any level.

NOTE CHANGES for 2015: Due to the overwhelming number of MTNA/PMTA competition entrants, the competition officials are forced to make the following changes:

    1. There will be NO rehearsals offered in the competition rooms. Entrants will be allowed a short 30-second sound-check before judging will begin at their assigned competition time. All entrants will be assigned a short warm-up time in a classroom or practice room in Zug Hall prior to their competition time. Please plan accordingly.
    2. There will be no registration on evening Saturday November 7. Registration will open at 7am Sunday November 8 in Zug Hall for all entrants except Senior and Young Artist Piano. Registration for Senior and Young Artist Piano entrants will open at 7:30am in the lobby of Leffler Chapel.
    3. There will be no winners’ recital at the conclusion of the competitions.

These changes have been approved by the MTNA National Director of Competitions.

All entrants MUST register prior to their performance. For SENIOR and YOUNG ARTIST PIANO – warm-up assignments allow ample time for entrants to walk to Leffler Chapel and register prior to their performance time. For all other entrants – please register before your assigned warm-up time if performance time is very close. Make sure you are outside the competition room several minutes prior to your competition time.