Membership in PMTA is through the national organization, MTNA. Members are required to join at the national and state levels. Local is optional. Following are the current dues:

National Membership

(For current MTNA membership categories and rates, click here).

  • MTNA Active: Active Membership is open to all individuals who are professionally engaged in any field of music activity and who are also members of an affiliated (state) association. Within the Active Membership category is the Senior discount policy. Effective 2001-2002 a discount of 25% on national dues was granted to active members 70 years of age and older. One does not have to be a member for 5 consecutive years to obtain the senior discount rate.
  • MTNA Retired: MTNA Retired Membership is available to those that have been active for the past continuous 20 years, and have reached the age of 65 and who have retired from teaching. Retired members may vote but may not hold office or enter students in MTNA competitions. They must also belong to a state affiliated association.
  • MTNA Collegiate: Note, upon graduation from college an MTNA student member may receive a 50% discount on MTNA dues when changing their collegiate membership from student to active. Each student must write or call MTNA to apply for this discount.
  • MTNA Patron: Patron membership is open to all individuals who wish to support the programs of the association. They may not vote, hold office or enter students in MTNA competitions.
  • MTNA Corporate: Corporate membership is open to businesses or corporations who have an interest in furthering the mission of MTNA and offers benefits and recognition. Corporate members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.
  • MTNA Instututional:  Institutional membership is open to academic establishments and offers benefits and affiliation to MTNA
  • MTNA International: International membership is open to nationals of other countries and US citizens residing in countries outside the US and its territories. They do not have the right to vote, hold office or enter students in MTNA competitions.

State Membership

    • Active: $45.
    • Active Senior: $33.75 (25% discount), teachers who are at least 70 years of age and are still teaching.
    • Retired: $22.50 (50% discount), age 65 or older, not teaching, but with 20 continuous years of teaching membership. Retired members may vote, but may not hold office or enter students in PMTA/MTNA competitions.
    • Collegiate: Free, open to all college music students and college chapter members.


* PMTA offers new college graduates at any degree level a one-time free state and local membership during their first 5 post-graduate years. Graduates are not required to have been MTNA members during their student years but may not have previously held full MTNA membership in any state. State and local dues will be reimbursed by check upon verification.

* PMTA offers a one-time free state membership for new (not reinstated) ‘Active’ PMTA members if the member registers for the full conference in his/her first year of membership. State membership dues will be reimbursed by check at the conference.

* Members are eligible for only one rebate incentive during PMTA tenure.

Those holding a National MTNA Institutional, Corporate or Patron membership and wishing to support PMTA initiatives, please contact the current PMTA president.

Local Association Membership

Local Association annual dues are determined by each individual chapter. Contact the local chapter president for specific information.

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