Congratulations to the PA Winners in the MTNA Eastern Division Performance Competitions!

    Congratulations to the following Pennsylvania Winners in the Eastern Division MTNA Performance competitions! Winners will advance to the national finals in Baltimore in March.

    Senior Brass: Alan Tolbert, trumpet, student of David Bilger
    Senior String: Sang-O Park, cello, student of Sieun Lin
    Senior Piano: Baron Cao, student of Dea Baba

    Honorable Mention
    Young Artist String: Michael Divino, violin, student of James Lyon
    Junior Woodwind: Timothy Kim, clarinet, student of Rie Suzuki

Scam Alert! Teachers beware!

‘Tis the season for unscrupulous individuals to try to scam the honest, unsuspecting music teacher! They come in all different packages — the ‘talented’ child — what is your fee — your studio owes money, etc. They’re getting a little more sophisticated each year. And they’re NOT limited to just emails — now we’re getting them in text messages! If you don’t recognize the sender, DON’T RESPOND!

It is sometimes difficult to spot a geniune student inquiry from a scam, especially if you are based in the area where the email might originate. Most of the time these emails originate from an overseas source. There are patterns to scams which could contain many of these elements….CLICK HERE to continue reading.

Thanks to Reading Music Teachers Association for sharing their information.