PMTA State Concerto Festival

State Level Festival Only

The PMTA State Concerto Festival (CF) will be held this year on Saturday, November 9th, 2013  in conjunction with the DSPF Solo and Ensemble Showcase Recitals at Millersville University, Millersville, PA. Students, parents and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. All scheduling of the CF will be done online through this website. Students performing at the CF will receive a certificate and a critique. Performers are not in competition with one another, and will be rated Very Good, Excellent or Superior. Those rated Superior at this performance will receive a gold medal at the end of the day, distributed to their teachers. No specific time requests can be honored.

Performance Schedule

State Chair will communicate directly with participating teachers regarding specific performance times.

Eligibility & Requirements


In order to enter students into the CF, the teacher must have paid both local and state dues prior to the deadline for submitting applications on line.


Any piano or instrumental student (unlimited age, college included) of a PMTA member in good standing is eligible to participate in this festival.

Registration & Deadlines

Online Registration for the PMTA Concerto Festival begins September 23, 2013 and closes October 15, 2013. Teachers entering students must register online before the deadline. No emails or mail-in forms accepted. CLICK HERE to register.

Fees & Payments

Fees are $20.00 per entry and may be paid (teacher only) by check or online with Paypal. If paying by check, please mail (one) check (payable to “PMTA”) to the state chairperson (see address below). Payment envelope must be postmarked no later than October 19th, 2013. Checks received after the postmark date will not be accepted. All student entry fees are non-refundable.

Concerto Festival Repertoire

Any single movement of a standard concerto or youth concerto, memorized. There is no theory requirement for this event.

Performance Time

Single movements of standard concertos, with cadenza, may be performed without cuts (though the accompanist is encouraged to omit some tutti material). If a single-movement concerto or other standard work for solo and orchestra is chosen (e.g. Liszt A Major, Prokofiev I, Rachmaninoff Rhapsody), an excerpt of no more than 15 minutes should be performed.

Musical Scores

One original copy of the music must be provided for the judges. Photocopies are strictly prohibited, unless there is express written permission from the publisher. NOTE: CD sheet music is permissible.


The student must provide his own accompanist, which may be his/her teacher. Accompanists must have original music, but may photocopy pages for turning purposes, as long as he/she has the original music. NOTE: Students entering the state level of the MTNA Competitions are encouraged to enter the Concerto Festival.

Contact Information

PMTA State Concerto Festival Chair Nanette Kaplan Solomon 421 E. Moody Avenue New Castle, PA 16105

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