Keystone Chamber Music Competition application deadline extended!

The deadline for the Chamber Music Competition has been extended to February 12th.

PMTA would like to welcome a few more entrants in the junior category (ages 11 through 15 as of March 3rd).  As long as you contact Chair Gloriana Sewell by email or phone in the next week with the information she needs to start the program and schedules, she will accept your application postmarked by February 12th.

The students who enter this competition have a wonderful experience, and they are highly motivated to practice and apply all their skills to meet the demands of collaborative playing. While the ensembles can be challenging to form and maintain, it is well worth it. Some of Gloriana’s students say it is their favorite musical undertaking, and they always grow in listening, technical and musical skills as they apply 100% effort to support the other students in the ensemble.

Gloriana encourages anyone who has a chamber group formed, and the necessary repertoire, to consider joining this year.

If you do not have a group ready this year, please consider taking part with your students next year.  The coach or teachers of the individual students in each ensemble do not have to be PMTA members, and the competition does accept some out of state students, as long as the majority of students in any particular ensemble live in PA. Please tell your colleagues about this competition.  PMTA provides this chamber music opportunity to support our members and the general community of music educators.

If anyone has questions, please email or call Gloriana Sewell at 215-536-8142 or