PMTA Clearance Policy

Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association
Clearance Policy

Revised July 2016
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Twenty-three (23) pieces of legislation were recently enacted, changing how Pennsylvania responds to child abuse. These changes will significantly impact the reporting, investigation, assessment, prosecution and judicial handling of child abuse and neglect cases.

The new laws will expand and further define mandatory reporters and the reporting process, increase penalties for those mandated to report suspected child abuse who fail to do so, and provide protections from employment discrimination for filing a good faith report of child abuse.

Who are Mandatory Reporters?

    • Any school employee coming into “direct contact with children.”
    • Any individual providing a “program, activity, or service sponsored by a school” (e.g., independent contractors, volunteers).
    • Any individual providing effort (paid or unpaid) for a regularly‐scheduled program, activity, or service not necessarily sponsored by a school where individuals “accept responsibility for a child” (e.g., Girl and Boy Scout programs, religious camp or youth group programs).

What Constitutes Child Abuse?

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New Child Abuse Law Reporting Requirements

To Report Child Abuse Call ChildLine 800-932-0313:

The Intake Unit is available 24 hours to receive reports of suspected child abuse.
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Report Child Abuse


      1. Minor students (under 18) participating in PMTA events must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult designated by the parent.
      2. PMTA members will follow the criminal background check policy that the host institution (where the event is held) has in place.
      3. In the event that the host institution does not have a policy in place, PMTA members should adhere to the following guidelines:

Any adjudication under PMTA’s auspices should take place under one of these two requirements:

      1. An adjudicator who has passed criminal background check (FBI) and child abuse clearances within 5 years; OR
      2. A parent of the student being adjudicated or a monitor is in the room so that there is no one-on-one contact.

Required Clearances

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check
Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check