Arts Awareness & Advocacy

The mission of Arts, Awareness and Advocacy is to advance music study at the state and local level and to disseminate information that supports its benefits.

Music, in its own unique way, helps people reach their full potential. It nourishes the human spirit and conveys emotions that often cannot be expressed in any other way. In an age increasingly driven by technology and science, music offers balance by focusing on the human perspective. Simply stated, it enriches lives.

Music has the unfortunate place in today’s society of having to justify its existence to those in authority who have either little experience or understanding of music. It’s our job to grab the attention of these decision-makers and make them music allies.

Much can be done at a grass roots level, by promoting music within the community. Writing articles in studio newsletters, writing to local politicians, distributing brochures at recitals, showing music advocacy videos at groups and providing community playing opportunities for students can all have an impact.

The IMT will use every tool available to promote music, including understanding the data linking music to SAT scores, reading proficiencies and health benefits, etc. as well as articulating the need to educate the soul. The IMT understands that music enriches the human spirit, feeds the emotions, and provides solace, peace, beauty and passion into our being. Others do not. We can no longer live in a vacuum and hope for the best. Robert Kennedy said, “If not me, who? If not now, when?” If you love music, your profession and teaching, the time is now to take action.

Arts Advocacy Message of December 2016

For More Information:

  • Click here for resources to help teachers promote music in their communities.